Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clean Energy Needs to be Passed for Our Security

Our Iraq war veterans have seen first hand what the war for profit was all about.. here is a quick little ad that is going to be running to show how they are pushing for the Clean Energy Act to help with our security and how clean energy is tied into it.

VoteVets is a great organization to help promote things that we need to help Veterans, to help get legislation passed to benefit all of us. They really do a great job as you can see from this Ad which will be running all over.

Of course like all organizations, they are non-profit and they are always needing help, so if you can go to their site and drop a few coins in the bucket to help the Vets and keep them on the airwaves.. They are good supporters of the President and help a lot by pushing a Democratic agenda for the most part.

Jon Soltz has been on Rachel's show several times..and he has been on other shows as well.. I won't link to all the appearances but you can look him up.

Here is the ad that will be airing soon.

Check them out, watch some of the other videos they have and see what great work they have done. We may not agree with the war in Iraq and I certainly don't... but we still have to support our veterans. They were sent to do a job, it doesn't matter what they believe, it doesn't matter who they voted for, it was their job and they did it.. Now they need our support.

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TomCat said...

Annette, I agree completely about supporting our vets. Although I opposed what they were doing in Iraq, I understand that they did their jobs as our Constitution mandates. Bush and the GOP used them as cannon fodder in the regime's war for oil and conquest. They are heroes. I also agree that we need to wean our society from its addiction to foreign oil.