Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fired Up! Ready To Go! Hello, Minnesota!

Pres. Obama was on fire again today in Minnesota talking about Health Care. He rallied the crowd and gave a great speech mostly using the same talking points he used the other night in Congress. One new item he added was the Treasury report he talked about this morning.

When he first came out he asked the group who were first come first serve ticket holders if they were "Fired Up, Ready To Go?" and they responded with Yes We Can.

At the end of his speech he told the story of Greenwood, SC which quickly became a rally cry of the campaign "Fired Up, Ready to Go" and he closed with that chant.

Here is the video link and I will embed it when it becomes available.

Here is the video now:

I hope you enjoy it.


Sue said...

I watched the rally, it was great and yes Obama was fired up just like Wednesday night! Don't ya think our rallies have much more intelligent people than the rallies on the right? LOL! They need signs with Hitler, and socialism remarks, makes them look foolish, just sayin...

Sue said...
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