Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The President's Health Care Speech to the Joint Session of Congress

Here is the President's Speech to the Joint Session of Congress tonight.. I thought it was wonderful...

The President actually said the L word... He said

He called out the liars and was called a liar.. see my previous post.. however Rep. Wilson has since apologized.. but of course he just said his emotions got carried away.

If you haven't seen it or if you want to watch it again.. here it is.


nonnie9999 said...

i thought the speech was excellent, mostly because he put the rethugs in a very bad position. he made them look like the obstructionists they are, and they made themselves look like immature frat boys. joe wilson is an ass, eric cantor got caught texting, and the rest of them looked like they just made a very big poopy in their pants. charles boustany--oops, should that be lord boustany?--was nothing more than a sacrificial lamb thrown to the wolves. he made no sense, and in comparison to obama's speaking style, he sounded like elmer fudd on valium. plus, he took 1.25 million bucks from the health and insurance industry. on top of that, he's a birther (though he's since denied it).

it appears that their next move is to say that they want a do-over. they want to start all over. i think the american people are going to wonder what the hell they've been doing all this time if they want to start over now.

Annette said...

Well said Nonnie, I agree.. and their little signs..."What Bill" and all their papers they were waving I thought that was stupid too..

I agree he gave a great speech and laid it all out there.. just as I always said he would.. I never gave up faith on him and have always stayed with him..there have been a lot of naysayers out there.. and I have taken a lot of heat for my stance.. but I still stand with my President.

Sue said...

Annette fuckin shoot me if I dare go to conservative blogs today, I will explode with anger reading their hypocritical retoric, their hateful rants talking about Obama being a Chicago mobster, OMG, I fuckin hate them!!!! Those thugs looked like 5th graders going to the principals office, such immaturity. They were all thinking, 'damn this guy is smart, why can't we have done this reform when we had the chance'!! If they think they are gonna get the chance to start over they are dilussional, assholes!!! sorry about the rant, even tho the speech was great the right still gets under my skin!!

Annette said...

Of course they do... that's what they live I will be off the computer for the rest of the day.. but will be back tonight.. hang in there.. we will get this done.. never fear my friend.. it will be fine.. It's going to be just like the Recovery package.. no republican support and they will pay for this in the long run.. I love it.

TomCat said...

Well the FRC has a big webcast tonight to whip up the base into depriving another patient of health, and perhaps life in the name of Supply Side Jesus. Lord Boudray will be there kissing Tony Perkins' ring.

I'll pass, becaise it's a high holy day in the First Church of the Elipsiod Orb. The first NFL game is tonight. :-D