Monday, September 14, 2009

Comments Have Changed

I have just changed the procedure for comments... from now on you cannot comment here unless you register..

In other words.. no anonymous comments allowed. I am sick and tired of all these wingnuts who want to come here and attack me and others with their outrageous statements and want to hide behind anonymous..

So, from now on, if you can't leave a name you won't comment here.

Don't like it.. move along. My blog, my rules.


themom said...

I have one stalker and mean moouth following me - and I will have to change my comment criteria soon also. Keep it up Annette!

mommapolitico said...

I hear ya, Annette. Got one of those myself! I have no problem with differing opinions, but posting anonymously just to be abusive or rude is ridiculous...(a lot of that rudeness thing going around the GOP these days!)

Good call, and way to handle things in the previous post. Yu go, Girl!

Ranch Chimp said...

I back Mommapolitical ..."YOU GO GIRL!!"

All aside...I had heard about this myself from a couple other's over the duration I been online..which has been since April 2008. I reckon I got a couple sarcastic email's is about all so far .. I dont reckon too many visit my sight, I know a few here(Dallas) on a personal level that do occassionally ... they dont comment though on here ... but certainly gave me a mouthful a couple times in person! I had a couple folk's try to sell me stuff, a couple other blogger's that I visit leave comment's as well...nothing harsh though...but I hear ya!

Take Care Girl.....Just wanted to stop by.

Ranch Chimp said...

I meant Mommapolitico ... not politcal ... I'm sorry Momma :)

TomCat said...

Hi Annette. Some will just make up blank profiles, but usually the professional spin butchers make the effort.