Saturday, September 19, 2009

President's Weekly Address: Progress in the Global Economy

With the next G20 Summit approaching in Pittsburgh, the President goes over the progress in stemming a global economic crisis. He discusses the impact of the Recovery Act, and pledges that "lobbyists for big Wall Street banks" will not prevent real reform for the future, including a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

From the address is this portion I thought worth noting:

Central to these reforms is a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Part of what led to this crisis were not just decisions made on Wall Street, but also unsustainable mortgage loans made across the country. While many folks took on more than they knew they could afford, too often folks signed contracts they didn’t fully understand offered by lenders who didn’t always tell the truth. That’s why we need clear rules, clearly enforced. And that’s what this agency will do.

Consumers shouldn’t have to worry about loan contracts written to confuse, hidden fees attached to their mortgages, and financial penalties – whether through a credit card or debit card – that appear without a clear warning on their statements. And responsible lenders, including community banks, trying to do the right thing shouldn’t have to worry about ruinous competition from unregulated and unscrupulous competitors.

I will have more later.. I found something that I want to blog about but have some things to do today and will be gone for most of the day.. but will be here this evening and will write it up then.. but till then.. here is our President.


TomCat said...

Have a great, albeit busy day, Annette. Watching this proceed through Congress will be interesting. The Wall Streeters don't want to be regulated and they have spent more on buying Congress than any other field.

Sue said...

I love watching the weekly address here because I never catch it on TV, thanks for posting this for us Annette!