Monday, September 7, 2009

More on the Max Blumenthal Book From Frank Schaeffer

Sunday I posted a video from Democracy Now with an interview of Max Blumenthal about his new book Republican Gommorah. It is a must see and the book is a must read.

Rachel Maddow
has been talking with Frank Schaeffer quite often about the Republican's and the Religious Right and the fringe of the party and how polarized they have become. The group at "C" Street that Jeff Sharlet has written about that has been on Rachel's show quite often lately and I have written about is part of that group.

So is James Dobson of the Focus on the Family fame. You know that name of course, if for no other reason, than he endorsed Sarah Palin, remember, not John McCain, but Sarah Palin.

Frank has a new blog up and in his post today he writes about Max's book. Of course Frank knows the religious right very well, since he was one of the founders of it. We can't really call him a founding father, but he is a founding

One of the best parts of Frank's piece today was this little gem...

But with a few exceptions (like my late father) most of the people described in Blumenthal's book have no "other side" to them. They are the sick bedrock of what, at any moment, may become a full-blown American fascism. (Sharlet has done great work on showing how these Religious Right folks have also invaded the US Military, especially the chaplaincy ranks.)

My one -- very slight -- criticism of Republican Gomorrah is that Blumenthal neglected to do something that would have bolstered his arguments and given them deeper credibility: introduce a bit of paradox and nuance into his book. He could have made a better case for the left by frankly looking at some of the extremism on the left that has played into the hands of the cynics who control the Religious Right


Why should Blumenthal's book to be taken seriously? Take it from this former "insider" he knows what he's talking about. His thesis is less about politics than about the deviant psychology that people like Dobson have cashed in on by feeding delusion, victimhood and failure as a means through which to build a political movement. What Blumenthal reveals is the heart of the most dysfunctional and truly dangerous -- not to mention armed -- darkest reaches of our country.

What should we "do"? Read the book! Then fight like hell to keep Republicans out of power come what may. And maybe (note to progressives!) be a little less critical of President Obama and a little more grateful that he's in the White House!

Once in a while a book comes along about which one can say: If you love our country read this! Republican Gomorrah is one such book. One other thing: if you know any sane Republicans that would like to save what's left of their party beg them to read this book. If you have to beg them in the name of Jesus!

Of course that is my emphasis, but I felt it needed to be pointed out, we have been so critical of Pres. Obama lately. You can read the rest of Frank's blog by going here to Frank Schaeffer. He calls this entry, At Last Dobson is Done in by the Truth.

Frank has done several other really great blog posts and I have mentioned him before. As I said he has been on Rachel's show several times, and he is a great source for all things in the religious field.

With the problems facing our country, with the attacks on our President, now more than ever we need to learn and understand what is going on with the people on the right side of politics. This is something we can do by reading, studying and watching these people. This book by Max is just one more example of the things we are up against.

Be advised, this is a fight, a fight for our lives, for our jobs, for our country. Look what was done to Van Jones, look what they have done to the Health Care Reform battle. Look at the fight we are facing for the ACES bill to even get past committee in the Senate... All because of the so called religious right fighting it.

That's what we are fighting... and we have to be informed to fight and win... So it's time to start preparing. It's a scary thought, but we can't let them win... we have to stand strong and keep fighting them.


majii said...

This says it all!

"What should we "do"? Read the book! Then fight like hell to keep Republicans out of power come what may. And maybe (note to progressives!) be a little less critical of President Obama and a little more grateful that he's in the White House!"

I've been saying this for months. I love Frank Schaeffer because he realized that he was wrong, admitted it, and is trying to make America a better place. I can imagine the vitriol he gets from the right. IMO, he is a hero along with Sharlet and Blumenthal.


Sue said...

great informative post Annette! I love what Frank Schaeffer is doing spreading the word. But I sure can say the whole religious right scares the shit outta me and I even have family members I refer to as fanatics! This is good against evil, we are the good the religious right are the evil. You do know the saying, wolves in sheeps clothing! Its friggin scary and I don't know how it can be stopped. You can not talk to a rightwing nut, they are satan. Excuse me if I have crossed the line with that but sorry, I truely believe it.

TomCat said...

Again, most well done Annette. I did not volunteer or Obama here in Portland. There was no question that he would carry Oregon without difficulty. So instead, I volunteered and worked for Sen. Jeff Merkely, replacing goose-stepping Gordon Smith. Now I at a loss. With Smith gone, I have no Repuglicans representing me, so there's nobody here to oust. I have criticized, and will criticize, Obama, if the situation calls for it. I call them as I see them. Nevertheless, I am thrilled that he our President instead of John McConJob with his side-kick, Snake-Oil Sarah.

Sue, they just worship a different Jesus: Supply-Side Jesus. His gospel is fear, greed and intolerance.

mommapolitico said...

Annette, great post! Thanks for the link to Schaeffer, too. This is terrifying stuff...Sanford came out today to say that he shouldn't resign, because God uses imperfect people to implement His plans. Man, if that's not straight outta the C St. prayer book/playbook, well, I don't know what is! I'm with you and Sue on this one. It is absolutely abhorrent, and we need to fight it with everything we've got, Girl. Way to go, my friend - keep the faith!