Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bill Maher, 1st Panel Discussion

This is the 1st discussion group panel, from Bill Maher's show last night. Tweety, Fran Townshend, former DHS (clueless) under shrub, and the President of the NAACP, Benjamin Todd Jealous, are the panel and finally, FINALLY, someone calls out and speaks the truth, that right wing hate talk radio is generating some of the violence we are seeing.

I may post more later, if they are worthy, Bob Cesca said last night some of these weren't worth watching.



Patricia said...

Forgot to watch it last night. That's a first. But I haven't really loved the show so much lately. As soon as I can I'll watch that clip you posted, though.

Distributorcap said...

you will NOT see the today show or someother mass reacher talking about the right wing hate machine - might scare off an advertiser

veralynn said...

Thanks Annette for posting that. I will disagree with tweety, I do NOT want Bill Maher on SCOTUS.