Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pres. Obama's Weekly Address

This week the president introduced his plan to re-regulate the financial industry. This is needed due to the breakdown of the banking system last year. After the last 30 years of De-Regulation following Reaganomics we need to get back to some common sense rules of the road.

Less government has hurt us in so many ways. I don't have to list the ways. We all know what it has cost us, if we just look around.

Listen to what our president says, he knows what we voted for, he really gets it. In this talk this morning, he reminds us and himself that we sent him there, because we wanted the change he promised us, more government, more regulation, more of what he is doing.

So, tell me why is anyone surprised at anything that he has done? Isn't he doing just exactly what we sent him there to do? What we asked him to do? Yet, he is the one that got the shitty end of the deal, he ended up having the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression dumped on him, because of Reaganomics and De-Regulations.

We have to stand behind him and support him. He needs our help in this and in the health care reform. I can't believe the way people are walking back from him, just because they think they aren't getting enough attention. What the heck do you think want from this man?

Each of us would love for him to drop all of the things he is doing and just focus on our issue, but he can't. He has to focus on all of them.

Here is our President, FIRED UP, Ready to go..

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