Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boycott Business That Play Fox, Or Ask Them to Change Channel

Last night Keith made the suggestion that instead of writing Fox News, or calling them, boycotting the advertisers, or writing or calling them, this time the best way to get the message across is to hit business who play it in public. Or talk to people who watch it.

Show them this clip, with O'Reilly telling lies about Dr. Tiller, who was the doctor assassinated in his church Sunday morning. The number of lies O'Reilly is telling is so numerous it is hard to list them all.

Watch this clip from Keith and then watch the clip from O'Reilly and see the difference. Then watch what Media Matters has to say about O'Reilly.

Now watch O'Reilly and see his rants and calling Dr. Tiller so many names and blaming his assassination on everyone but himself.

Among his many outrageous statements, quite possibly his most inaccurate was:

"I report honesty."

Yeah, Honesty and O'Reilly can't get in the same building let alone the same sentence.

Here is one piece where O'Reilly threatened Dr. Tiller. This was in 2006.

Again he went after him in 2007.

I could go on, but you get the picture. As Keith pointed out this was a continual thing. Dr. Tiller performed legal procedures. It is also worth noting that this was a small portion of his medical practice. He also did adoptions, C-Sections and all other types of normal deliveries.

And again, just to show the contrast. Here is Frank Schaeffer, who was a member of the so called religious right, in fact one of the founding members with his father, who is actually apologizing for his role in causing the assassination of Dr. Tiller. He is truly upset over this. Why can't O'Reilly step up like this?

To just define him and call him an abortion doctor is disingenuous at best and misleading at the least. He was considered a hero by a lot of people and performed a needed service to many couples. Yes, couples.

For O'Reilly or anyone to say this isn't an agonizing decision to have to go through this procedure during the latter stages of a pregnancy is just ignorance on their part. The thought of carrying a fetus for 7 months and then having to have it aborted due to complications beyond the control of the mother or the father, because of severe health conditions, which are very limited is just horrific.

Yet, O'Reilly and his ilk try to say that anyone who is willing to pay the money can go have this done. That is just a lie. It is not that easy to have it done and it has been proven in court that it is not done that way. So are they calling the men and women of the jury liars?

Please, think about it. This is a tough subject for anyone, but it is a personal decision and should be between the woman and her doctor. Not a television commentator or someone on the street protesting. Or some group that thinks they know what is best for me, when they don't even know me.

So, suck it Operation Rescue and all the rest of you jerks. Back off and leave me and my body alone. (Not just me but all women) I am tired of this crap. It is time we all stood up and took over this conversation. Stop being quiet, speak out, don't just sit there anymore.

One of the ways we can start taking back this conversation is to stop calling them Pro-Life. We are all Pro-Life. But we are also Pro-Choice. They are Anti-Choice. That's what we have to start calling them.... ANTI-CHOICE.

So, remember, That's your assignment, if you go somewhere and they are playing Fox News, ask them to change it, if they refuse, tell them you are leaving, tell them why you are leaving and then leave.

2nd, Stop calling these people Pro-Life.. Call it like it is.. ANTI-CHOICE!

Got it! Good.. thanks.. have a nice day!


marain said...

Thanks for posting the Keith Olberman clip. I don't watch USA TV, so it's wonderful to be able to see such things in your site.

I have "born again" "anti-choice" relatives who thankfully don't watch Fox News when I visit. I think the only way I could prevent them from watching it is to visit more often :>D !

Personally, I find late-term (partial birth) abortions horrific, but they are still legal, which means that doctors who perform them are not criminals, so it is wrong to characterize them as such. Fox is notorious for characterizing with outrageous adjectives anyone with whom they disagree. O'Reilly and people associated with Operation Rescue, whether they admit it or not, share responsibility for the assassination of Dr. Tiller by having provided a rationale for killing him, and I wonder if it would be possible to bring criminal charges against them. That they are unapologetic further incriminates them, but it is not really suprising considering their past behaviour.

Anyway, the point I would like to make is that I think focussing attention on details of the victim potentially obscures the very basic point that murder is illegal. Whether or not Dr. Tiller was humanitarian and helpful to couples or to anyone, whether or not he was a nice guy, it was illegal for someone to murder him. The character of the victim doesn't make murder sort of okay, which is what the O'Reilly crowd would like to convey.

themom said...

Have you ever noticed - O'Reilly is always citing polls. The polls are in his favor, the polls show he has multiple millions of viewers (fact: he maxed out at 4 million viewers ONCE.), polls that all AGREE with him. He fabricates and SPINS to his followers. He even lies when he states that "the spin stops here." I stand by what I have said, you have said and the majority have said.

Patricia said...

You know, most businesses that I go into don't have Fox on anymore. A number of them used to, but gradually in the last few years they've switched to CNN or the local Long Island news station, which is a very safe choice. But if there is one playing Fox I will be happy to ask them to change it.

K. said...

O'Reilly is repugnant -- the kind of "person" who makes you ashamed of the human race.

Patricia said...

And he comes from my neck of the woods, K. We're so proud. Not.

Anonymous said...

I suggest folks, before they fall on the sword, over Franky, do some research on what kind of person he is.

He is not a founding member of the religious right by any means. Francis Schaeffer may have some influence, but his son overstated his role.

Moreoever, especially since he converted to Eastern Orthodox, Franky has spent decades using every form of insults and barbs directed at his parents, even when his mom was alive and moved to tears at insults even at her looks.

Franky is as cruel as they come when it comes to writing about his parents who never even abuse him (for one who attacks his parents, if they did, he would have mentioned it).

His apology is just the latest of him using any incident to slander and smear his parents some more. It has nothing to do with honesty or character, both of which he is utterly lacking in.

Even Orthodoxs, long before he ever spoke on abortion or politics for the liberal side, find his antics very distasteful against his evangelical Protestant parents (whose views would disagree with Orthodoxy).

If anyone is ever guilty of using hate speech against those he disagreed with on a regular basis (not just against his parents), it would be Franky.

Do look at what he says about those he disagree with over the years. He has never changed one bit, regardless of what side he is on.

Annette said...

It's very easy to say things and hide behind anonymous.

Frank Schaeffer has been out for a very long time saying this and I have posted about him before, yours is the first time I have ever seen any one calling him out.

It's sad that you aren't brave enough to sign your name to your post so that anyone could answer the charges you make but that's not really surprising.

Thanks for your comment.