Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gays and Marriage, Bill Maher, New Rules, 06-19-09,

Last nights New Rules were pretty good. Bill had some very valid points about our members of Congress and the members of the Democratic party.

We knew who Barack Obama was when we voted him into office, or we should have. Anyone who thought he was any different than a centrist or a pragmatist really didn't know Barack Obama. If they thought he was a bleeding heart liberal, they hadn't been paying attention.

The Republicans and McCain did everything they could to try to paint him that way, calling him the most liberal, the farthest left of anyone, and it went on and on. The scare factor of the Republicans is always high, and to a certain extent it worked. People still think that, and believe he is betraying them, because he isn't doing what they believe he stood for. Well he didn't stand for a lot of the things they think he did, he never said he was for same sex marriage, he has always said he was for civil unions, but he always wanted the same civil rights for all, no matter the sexual orientation.

I may disagree with him, and so may lots of others, but he isn't saying you can't get married, he is just saying that is his belief, and he says that shouldn't be a federal law. Which is why he wants DOMA struck down by legislation through Congress, which it has to be done. He can't just do an Executive Order, which everyone needs to realize.

DADT is another one. This is NOT something that can be changed by Executive Order. Oh, I know people think it can, but they are naive, and need to educate themselves. This has to be done by law, through Congress. That is the only way it can be changed. That is because it is a law, not just a policy. If it had been enacted through an Executive Order, then the president could just overturn it with the stroke of his pen, but Bill Clinton signed it into law, with an act of Congress, therefore it takes an Act of Congress to overturn it or the Supreme Court.

UPDATE Here is the relevant article you need to look at, Only congress or the SCOTUS can do anything about DADT. Congress must repeal or supersede 10 U.S.C. § 654.

So, rail against the president all you want, protest in the street, yell, scream say he is breaking a promise, but you look like a fool unless you know what you are talking about. And you don't.


I think it is time to ask yourselves that question. Listen to what Bill Maher has to say, he is really spot on with his statements here..

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Distributorcap said...

i agree with what you are saying - but obama has to show more that token gestures to the gay community. he cant be afraid of what the GOP and right will say on any of this

i know DOMA is a law, but i thought DADT could be changed with a stroke of a pen.