Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jon Stewart Weighs In On Mark Sanford and King David

Jon Stewart gave his take on Mark Sanford's idea of using King David as his excuse for staying in office. He doesn't quite think Sanford is qualified to use this argument.

This is a great short piece that Jon does, and it works quite well. One thing I think we have to remind ourselves of and Sanford needs to remember, is get religion out of government. We have a separation of church of state for a reason.

Yet Republicans mostly, some Democrats seem to want to constantly insert their beliefs into government. To use this analogy as a reason to stay in office is just ignorant. Sanford and the people of South Carolina need to look at what he has done.

Has he been effective as governor? Did he break the trust of the people of his state when he left them for 5 days with no one in charge and no way of getting in touch with him? His religion and his faith have nothing to do with his governing. Keep it in church and out of the office.

That's my advice to the people of South Carolina and to the Republican Party who are involved in this mess. It would be the same advice I would give to any Democratic individual in the same circumstances.

But here is Jon Stewart's take.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I was wrong about Obama murdering him.

K. said...

Seriously (for just a moment), here's a guy that was touted as one of those up-and-coming young Republican governors who stood up to Obama. A serious presidential possibility in 2012 or 2016. He turns out to be another weird religious right Republican who won't own up to his own hypocrisy and who keeps driving his ox further into the ditch by spouting sanctimonious inanities.

The longer he makes news, the better for the Dems.