Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Urgent All Hands: Daschle/Dole compromise

This post from DailyKos is what I have been talking about. Read it and then tell me I am crazy. This is what we have to do. It goes right along with what I have posted below and what I have posted before.

If we don't stay after this we won't have health care for all this year, and we can't let this happen. We have to stay after our Congressional leaders.

Thanks all.

Urgent All Hands: Daschle/Dole compromise & HELP Comm. needs spine & calls [Update]

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K. said...

Thanks for posting! I wrote a blunt letter to Maria Cantwell.

K. said...

Ditto to Patty Murray.

Matt Osborne said...

The weekend news cycle is where Daschle's conflicts of interest can hurt his "compromise." I found it interesting that HuffPo posted a report on them prominently today.