Saturday, June 6, 2009

President's Weekly Address

Our President may be overseas and he may be visiting the pyramids and seeing the sites in Paris and Germany, but he hasn't forgotten us here and the health care struggle we are facing.

That is the focus of his address this week. Trying to fix our crisis in health care. And it is a crisis. We have nearly 50 million people without insurance in this country. That's the best guess of anyone. But that's not the worst problem. There was a new study that stated 62% of all Bankruptcy's from medical expenses are for people who HAVE insurance.

Yes, you read that correctly. It is people who HAVE insurance. That's a sad thought, that people who have insurance are the ones are struggling more than the ones without.

I think this was what the President said that was the most important to me. We have to make sure WE stay involved. Again, this goes back to what I have said before. If we don't stay involved with our Representatives they don't know what we want. You have to call, write or email them.

They can't read your mind. Get in touch with them. Let them know what you want for health care. If you don't let you Senator or Representative know then you can't be upset if you don't get what you want, or if you don't get anything this year.

I also made it very clear to Congress that we must develop a plan that doesn’t add to our budget deficit. My budget included an historic down payment on reform, and we’ll work with Congress to fully cover the costs through rigorous spending reductions and appropriate additional revenues. We’ll eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in our health care system, but we’ll also take on key causes of rising costs – saving billions while providing better care to the American people.

All across America, our families are making hard choices when it comes to health care. Now, it’s time for Washington to make the right ones. It’s time to deliver. And I am absolutely convinced that if we keep working together and living up to our mutual responsibilities; if we place the American people’s interests above the special interests; we will seize this historic opportunity to finally fix what ails our broken health care system, and strengthen our economy and our country now and for decades to come.

Here is the President. Help him help us, call, write, or email your elected representative and let them know what you want. Let's get health care for all this year.


Patricia said...

So right. We need to let our lawmakers know that it's not going to go well for them if they don't do all they can to make health care happen.

themom said...

One of the guests on Bill Maher last night (forget his name), feels that Health Care will be addressed by the third quarter of this year. This guy worked with Hillary Clinton on the failed (not her fault) health care proposals in '94.