Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bill Maher June 5, 2009

I normally post the New Rules.. but tonight I am posting the Opening and the first segment. I know, different.. the New Rules were okay, but these were far better in my opinion.

Here is the opening segment.. He really takes on a lot from the criticisms leveled at the President and the First Lady to the President's Speech in Cairo. From the Republican's to Rush Limbaugh. Watch and see:

Then he welcomes his first guest tonight via satellite, Richard Haass, Council of Foreign Relations. I really like Richard. He has great insight into the Middle East and Asia and usually has some positive things to say. He has always been knowledgeable about World Affairs and isn't a NeoCon as so many are who usually speak on these matters.

He also had Matt Miller, who worked in the Clinton White House who spoke very positively about the Health Care and reassured everyone that it is going to happen, and said that the "Public Option" that Pres. Obama keeps talking about is the same thing as Single Payer it is just a different name, because Single Payer was getting a bad name.

Jeremy Scahill, who really had a lot to say about Dr. Tiller's assassination and the complicity of the hate speech from the right wingers, including radio and tee vee hosts. Bill didn't like However D.L. Hughley came on and said Jeremy was correct and that people did need to watch what they said, even though they had Freedom of Speech they did need to remember their words had weight behind them.

And there was, Paula Froelich, New York Post writer, and author of the book, Mercury in Retrograde . All in all it was a good show. Well worth looking for if you can't watch it on the tee vee machine.

There were lots of things talked about. Jeremy had lots of information to impart. Of course some of his info was disputed, but that's normal.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.


Distributorcap said...

missed it this week
will catch it on HBO on demand

NEWSGUY said...

HBO, with its shortsighted policy has put the KIBOSH on your posted videos. They seem to forget that the videos are good promotion for the show, and in any case, it is legal, under FAIR USE exemptions to post them.