Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Party of No and The Way They Work

This is bipartisanship in action, but it is also the way the GOPers are obstructing at every turn.

Monday when the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee were meeting to try to get their bill together to present Sen. Dodd was presenting the amendments for acceptance and vote, and he stated the Democrats were willing to accept 64 amendments from the Republicans without a vote, and turned to Sen. Enzi from Wyoming, the ranking Republican to see if that was okay with him.

Watch this video for the shock and disbelief of Chris Dodd:

The entire purpose of the Republicans is to obstruct, delay and deny Pres. Obama's agenda, and the will of the people. The only thing they want is back in power. They believe by doing everything they can to stop this Health Care reform from going forward it will cause the President's agenda to fail and therefore the rest of us to suffer.

By causing this it just shows me how little they care about us, the people of the United States. They only care about themselves and what they see as getting their way, getting back in the majority and getting back into power.

We, have to stop this from happening. Keep track of these things, remember these things, and next year, or next election, when you are getting ready to vote, remind yourself and others, exactly what happened.

Oh, and you could pick up the phone and call some of these people and tell them what you think too. It may not change their vote.. if they are republican it probably won't... but it might make you feel better... I know every time I tell Kit Bond what I think it does me.

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nonnie9999 said...

do they not realize how idiotic they look, or do they bank on most people not seeing these clips?

Annette said...

I honestly think they believe people don't watch these and pay attention, and notice what they are doing.

It's just pitiful that people are so idiotic to be that deliberate and that willfully stupid I think. But there are those who think they are fine in doing just this.. That's the ones that get me..

jo said...

They tell lie after lie and use every scare tactic they can. It's to bad they do fool millions of people. I pray they would be able to seek the truth for themselves. What a wonderful world it would be if their was no more deception.