Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bill Maher's New Rules for This Week

Here are the New Rules for This Week... Some good, Some not so good... I haven't watched all of the show yet.. have had grands this weekend and so I have been a little busy with

Here are the New Rules and will post other parts if I think they are worth listening to.

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NEWSGUY said...

Annette, Don't bother with the Bill Maher show this week. It was dominated by some pop star name Mo Def, who kept shouting over everyone, including Salmon Rushdie and Maher himself. I am not hip enough to know who Mo Def is, but he was So Def he didn't seem to hear anyone else talking on the show. But I know who Salmon Rushdie is and I don't think he should be interrupted. He has something to say.

By the way, Mo Def did the same with Christopher Hitchens, who is himself a pain in the ass, but not as big a pain as Mo Def. Maher was a waste of an hour this week.