Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Forget Tomorrow St. Jing Tao Wow Day

Let's not forget this important ethnic holiday. A time of blending together of all days to share the best of us all. It is a time to celebrate the stereotype that have been created around each ethnicity. So, each of us should find a way to show our roots and celebrate who we are.

Since most of us are multi ethnic now is the time for us to throw open the flood gates and let our hearts be the guide, to allow us to show the world who we are. St. Jing Tao Wow is our Patron Saint and allows us to be free of constraints and rigid ideology and go with the flow.

So, as a German, Irish, American Indian I am going to cook up some Sauerbraten, Dublin Coddle and Pemmican for my food. My decorations will consist of pictures of Castles of Germany and Ireland, and Cave drawings and dwellings of the Indians along with some of my arrowhead collection, and a Ti Pi my grandmother carried.

So, if you are in the vicinity of my humble abode tomorrow, stop in any time and you may join me in celebrating St Jing Tao Wow Day. If you aren't close enough to stop by here, I hope you are planning your own celebration or will be able to stop by another location.

Among the others that I am certain about are, Nate @ That's Right Nate and Zen @ ZenYenta Those are the only two I know of off the top of my head right now. I am sure there are others and I will be updating and posting as I find out others. Please let me know if you hear of any.

Of course this post would not be complete without letting everyone know that we couldn't have started this if not for Lou Dobbs. He is our inspiration. If not for him and his comments which can be heard here at Media Matters.

So, please everyone, join in to celebrate this wonderful new holiday and maybe next year we can get it as a Federal Holiday and get another day off work for everyone.


Patricia said...

I've got mine up, because I probably won't be online tomorrow until well into the evening. Have a great celbration.

Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Jing-Tao-Wow Day to you and yours!