Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, we know he didn't get arrested. However George Bush did have some protests made to his speech and appearance in Calgary today. One thing you have to remembe, Calgary is one of the most conservative areas of Canada, so if he was going to be welcome anywhere in Canada, it would be there. It is pretty obvious from the video, he really wasn't welcome, at least not in the public.

I really wonder what would have happened, would the SS have stepped in and stopped whoever would have been charged with arresting Bush, if someone in the Canadian government had decided to really step up and do what they probably should have?? What it seems like we here in the USA don't seem to have to guts to?? Just wondering.

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Patricia said...

Canada wouldn't arrest him, but he'd best not plan a world tour right now. I'm pretty sure there are some countries that would. Actually, this is just one more way he could screw things up. Get arrested somewhere, which would be a situation for which we have no precedent. There wouldn't be a way to handle it well from the geopolitical point of view. Yeah, he might just do it.

D.K. Raed said...

Maybe some country somewhere sometime will arrest him and send him to the Int'l Criminal Court and put him in the Milosovic chair to explain himself. More likely, he will just be refused entrance in any of those countries that might be inclined to do that. Since he never traveled outside the US before becoming prez, he probably won't care. Inside the US, I guess he & Cheney must know they shouldn't set foot in Vermont.