Sunday, March 8, 2009

Frank Shaeffer Takes on the Religious Right

Frank Shaeffer was on D L Hughley's show. He tells it like it is. This is one of the most telling things I have heard lately about the so called religious right and the republicans. He pulls NO PUNCHES.

He gives his opinion on Rush, on Bush, on Palin, and on just about everything you can imagine. He even talks about voting for President Obama.

About 6 minutes in he makes what I think is a revelation, in that he wrote to Pres. Obama and told him that he would not get any support from the repukes and that Limbaugh actually does mean it when he says he wants him to fail. So, all the spin they put on his statement that rings so false, is just that, FALSE. It is called an Open Letter to President Obama, worth reading, and is there at Huffington Post.

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