Thursday, March 19, 2009

GOP Talking Points, from The Plum Line, Greg Sargents Blog

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New GOP Talking Points: Obama Administration Is “Most Politically Obsessed White House In History”

A Republican sends over a new set of GOP talking points for House conservatives — privately circulated this week to scores of GOP press secretaries on the Hill — that blasts the Obama administration as “radical” and “reckless” and the “most politically obsessed White House in history.”

The talking points also make the claim that “the only approach that has not been tried is the conservative approach.”

The talking points represent the first major move this cycle by House conservatives to create united conservative messaging front, according to Roll Call (sub. only). They were sent out by the Republican Study Committee, a group of more than 100 conservative House Repubs headed by GOP Rep Tom Price — a sign that House conservatives are hoping to capitalize on the crisis to mount a comeback for what they’re labeling the “conservative approach” to the economy.

Among the GOP talking points’ highlights on Obama and Dems:

* “The budget is a radical proposal that will change the character of our nation, trampling on freedom and liberty.”

* “The only approach that has not been tried is the conservative approach – limited bureaucracy, lower taxes, and responsible regulatory structures.”

* “The administration is disingenuous, unfocused, and reckless.”

These claims are perhaps thrown into question when you think back to the approach employed by the Obama administration’s predecessors, but at least now you’ll know where this is coming from if you hear it.

As we continue to see, the republicans are going to continue throwing everything they can at Pres. Obama and his administration. Today and this week has been no exception. I have seen several Democrats doing the same. This has always been our problem. We just don't stick together.

No, I am not saying we have to just blindly follow our president. But just because it seems there is a rough patch when we are only 50 some days in and we are going to abandon him and everyone he trusts to work for him, to me is just wrong.

This is not why I voted for him, this is not why I have followed him and supported him for the last few years. It was because I thought he offered us the best hope to help change things in Washington and give us the changes we need to make this a better country. I still do. But I can't answer for any of you. That's your decision.

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trishSWFL said...

"he offered us the best hope".

that is exactly how I came to follow and support him too.