Sunday, March 15, 2009

New GOPer Talking Points for This Week??

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I am wondering if I just heard the new GOP Talking Points for this week. I usually watch Fox News Sunday in the afternoon instead of in the morning. So I am watching it now.

Brit Hume just said, "Recession's are cyclical, and IF we have been in a recession since 2007 as we have been told, then it's time we started coming out. Therefore things are bound to start looking a little better."

In other words, we better start hedging our bets, because if this thing the president and the democrats have done works, we are in deep shit and we need to cover our

I really think that's what he was doing. Setting the stage for their talking points and trying to set everyone up so if things are starting to turn around they can say it wasn't the Recovery Plan, it was just one of those things, just the way recessions work.

I can't wait to see what the Joke has to say in the morning, to see if he continues the theme and if I am right. But I wanted to put it down here. Just so I can keep track of it and you all can too.

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Patricia said...

They must be nervous with one good week in the market. Where was it I read today that Dana Perrino is trying to give Bush the credit for that, even though I guess he doesn't get the blame for the bad news.

Fran said...

I don't know how you can stand to watch FOX, but Brett Hume needs to wake up & smell the depression.

Where does he get this pollyanna view? Does he not pay attention to the news he reports???
Too many industries have gone under and the mega ripple effect has happened.

D.K. Raed said...

Brit Hume is bad enough, but when I heard Ann Coulter screeching about Obama following FDR's "failed efforts at depression control" and how much faster the depression would've ended if only FDR had followed Hoover's plan of doing nothing ... well that is when I know it's time to change the channel.

Annette said...

Fran, I watch Fox News Sunday almost every week.. because as they say.. keep your friends close and your enemies closer.. just as I read some of the conservative web sites and blogs. It always pays to know what is going on.