Saturday, March 14, 2009

Geithner Answers Senators Questions Thursday

Here is a video of some questions and answers from Tim Geithner and Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley, from Oregon Thursday. This is what I mean about him getting a bum rap by the media.

Geithner has always been a behind the scenes person, never been in front of the cameras much and so isn't very comfortable when he is speaking publicly. I think this is what hurt him when he made the presentation that everyone criticized.

Now, he just needs to either keep making them so he gets more comfortable or find someone else to speak for Either way, I still like the guy and think we have the best team for the job. Just listen to his answers and how he can hit the point and answer questions in a clear way. He sure doesn't seem to me like he is having trouble putting words together as the media has painted him.

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