Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pres. Obama Gives His 2nd Press Conference.. Everyone Goes Crazy.

Why does everyone think this is so wild... Pres. Obama said he would do 1 press conference a month or so and he is trying to keep his word. So, why is everyone freaking out about this??

It is about an hour long.. so it is up to you if you want to watch it.. but thought I would warn you it is that long. It is so nice to have a president who actually talks to us like we have a brain, we can understand more than simple words.

There were only a couple of times, I thought it got a little off the wall, once was with Ed Henry, of CNN, (of course) who asked why it took him a couple of days to come out and say he was angry about AIG... the President's answer, Because he wanted to make sure he had all the answers before he spoke. Sure makes sense to me.

The other was Chip Reid...He usually asks pretty silly questions. I think he is the one who called Gibbs out the other day for pushing back against Cheney. But enough of this. Here is the video of the press conference of the president if you care to watch it. I hope you enjoy.


enigma4ever said...

Obama talks to us like we have brains..and think...the media is not able to ask questions that matter for us- have you noticed that ???

he clearly wants to talk about the Economic Crisis we are in- not like bush who would not even say the R word....and yet the media can not find smart economic questions to ask....

Chuck Todd asked if we the people should sacrifice ?????what the hell ???I almost fell off the sofa....

Fran said...

Good presentation-- I liked his comment that he did not publicly respond immediately because "he likes to know the issue before he speaks about it". Ha!

The only thing Im not hearing is the money for wars being addressed.
He mentioned tackling the need to reform procurement- ie wasteful gvmnt military spending on things.... which is a small piece of the pie compared to actual war spending. Come On! We have got to stop dancing around & ignoring that major black hole of money.

lisahgolden said...

It's a delight to hear a president speak and not be embarrassed.