Saturday, March 7, 2009

President Obama Imparts the Bad News With Hope and Reality

President Obama delivers the news of the latest jobs numbers, 651,000 lost, 8.1% now, but he still gives us hope and keeps our feet on the ground. We have to keep our reality with us. Working together, with our President we will get through this disaster we have been given. It is going to take time, we didn't get here overnight. It took us 30 years of conservative government practices to get here.

Our President is doing all he can to turn this around and the media is not making this any easier. With all the doom and gloom, he is causing the dow to fall and all that they are putting out, you would think he caused all this mess.

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Mauigirl said...

Oh yes, that is their plan. The media (except for Rachel and Keith on MSNBC) and the GOP are hoping to spin this so it becomes Obama's Depression, not theirs. I have news for them: People remembered for 4 elections that FDR didn't cause the Great Depression. I think - finally - the American people are not falling for the GOP rhetoric or the MSM. But we shall see, it's only been two months. And their propaganda machine is in full swing. The MSM loves controversy so they give the blowhards on the right the opportunity to yack. And then gullible people start to think they're right.