Sunday, March 8, 2009

Freepers are Freaking Out

While I was perusing DailyKos yesterday I ran across a diary that was talking talking about a warning that one of the Freepers was putting out about threatening President Obama. Of course I had to read it.

Here is what it said"

Unfortunately, we are saddled with a communist sympathizer in the White House. I don't know whether or not he's an actual card carrying commie, but he's definitely an America-hating, anti-capitalist Marxist leftist who thinks communism is the way to go. Now I remember when America used to fight against communism. It wasn't that long ago. Many of us on FR are veterans of wars against communism and some of us believe that American citizens who are communists are the enemy within, ie, the domestic enemy we've sworn to defend against. American citizen? hmmmm... that may be a loophole for Obama.

At any rate, the oath is to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I can imagine that this places an enormous strain on our Secret Service agents. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that Obama is an enemy of the constitution. So should the SS defend the constitution or defend the anti-constitution commie?

So now comes the problem. If you feel it's your duty to call Obama a traitor and use salty language in your proposed resolution, ie, suggest the commie be keelhauled, walked off the plank, run up the yardarm, tarred and feathered and run out of Dodge, etc, etc, etc, you may be facing a visit from your friendly Secret Service. And even though your visiting agent may agree politically, and may take his oath to the constitution seriously, he's still sworn to protect the officeholder and it's his duty to take all threats seriously. And that may include serving me with a subpoena to turn over your IP address. Now I'm duty bound to protect your privacy to the best of my ability, but I cannot defend against stupidity.

Best advice I can give is to keep it to yourself. Don't post anything that may embarrass you later, or end you up in the slammer.

Ever vigilant.

Keep your powder dry.

Now the diarist pointed out the portion that was bold was his emphasis, so I have made it the same here. Just to show you that evidently he has had a problem with this. Really?? Already, he has had a visit from the SS over a threat to the President?? That's not saying much for his commenter's would you say, or him for that matter. And sounds like he is trying to distance himself from them. LOL

He then goes on to point out some of the comments that were found. This first one was a real brave one... I used to love this stuff when I was driving. Some unknown voice on the CB Radio would come out and threaten another and be very brave and big talking.. Usually to the effect of, pull that truck over and I will whip your ass, just park it right there and I will be right there... of course you had no idea where the other person was, if they were even in the same county you were or even going in the same direction. But like I said, it is easy to be brave when you are anonymous.

If Obama is a man, he will meet me in person. He’s a gutless coward that is using the SS to hide behind. Obama is a lowly immature fool that couldn’t run a hot dog stand.

Obama, come here and meet me you coward. You don’t want to hear what I think of you? You’re going to let Emmanuel and Geithner and these other minions you appointed do your bidding?

If we ALL say what we want, he will be overwhelmed. He can’t possibly cover every one of us.

Those are my emphasis.. see what I mean.. if we ALL SAY...what??? say... he will be overwhelmed.. So the President has to come by himself.. but this brave warrior is going to bring all the other loud talkers to do what.. lie to him.. tell him stories till he gives up?? He will be overwhelmed.. "He can't possibly cover every one of us" With what?? a Wet noodle or That's about all it would take, these brave behind a screen name shouters.

Then there are the two who really must have gotten to the owner of the site.. who is called Jim Robinson, founder of Free Republic, because he had to completely delete them. So, he must have been scared of them...Or they were so incendiary in nature they set the page on Then we get just a little more detached from reality than we already are.

We will never go back to Mayberry America because the Left has made it their mission to wipe it off the map and out of the fabric of our society long ago. There are consequences for those actions by the Left. One consequence is that far fewer conservatives are willing to "take the bullet" for these treasonous bas-tards who call themselves "Americans" anymore.

I don't know many people who ever really lived in "Mayberry America" in the first place. And the only people I know of that are willing to "take the bullet" for anyone is the men and women who serve everyday in our military and the police forces and the Secret Service. It certainly isn't these idiots who sit on the computer and call out the President.

But the final comment he posted was the one that really sealed the deal for me.. I actually had to laugh out loud on this one even more than before. I know my poor puppy thought Mom had really gone round the bend when he saw me wiping my eyes and laughing so hard after reading this comment.

Funny how Obama’s top "Secret Police Advisor" and much lauded Democrat hero, William Ayers, declared war on America, bombed and planned attacks and murder on our military and planned on murdering 50 million Americans who rejected Marxism - and his reward is professorship, tenure and adulation and hero status by the Democrat party.

Yet Obama has declared that no American may dissent with him or his policies?

So how divorced from reality are these people?? What planet are they on?? I admit I felt my heart skip a beat Friday when I heard a news report of shots fired at the UofI in Chicago. The first thing I thought of was William Ayers. Wondering if someone had decided to try to kill him. There were numerous threats against him after Palin started her campaign to paint him as a major figure in Pres. Obama's life last year.

But, I didn't hear anything more, so I am guessing things are ok and there was no one injured or it was a false report.

There have been threats to the President, just last week there was a report of two DC police officers who were suspended for the possibility of associating with people who might have wanted to harm him on Inauguration Day.

When I was doing some research for this and another story I stumbled on something that I had not seen before, which was a man that was arrested from Louisiana, who was trying to deliver a "gift" he said to President Obama. The gift he was wanting to deliver??? It looks like it might have been a bullet from the rifle he had with him. Yes, he stopped to ask for directions at the Capitol complex, and was acting so bizarre he was questioned a little further and it was determined he needed to be detained.

We have entered into the realm of bizarro world for sure. We have radio hosts wishing for failure. We have TeeVee hosts calling him Communist, Socialist, Marxist saying he is killing the Stock Market, robbing our children and grandchildren. Do they not realize how irresponsible this is??

People are already hurting and depressed, when they are they do crazy things. Then you get people who have a national audience shouting out incendiary words that fire up anger, fear, and make people lose rational thought process. They don't think before they act.

Here is another Diary at DailyKos that is well worth reading along these same lines. It too talks about threats to President Obama.

What will it take for these irresponsible people to think before they scream again.

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Mauigirl said...

These people are so out there and yet there are so many of them it's really scary. I wonder sometimes what planet they are living on.

If it makes any of us feel better, FDR's opponents called him many of the same types of things and hated him with the same fervor. I guess you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

Anonymous said...

I read the same post at DK and was also wondering what planet these folks live on. Their despair can be traced directly to the republican leaders in Congress, Rush Limbaugh, and other so-called pundits. These people have shirked their responsibility to their party members by not working toward a solution, but by telling bald-faced, blatant lies. I've live through many presidencies, but this is the only one where I've seen this level of vitriol aimed directly at the president. Republicans did not like Clinton and said ugly things about him, but not at the level I'm witnessing at this time, all because they lost the majority in both the WH and Congress. They are acting like spoiled brats, and it has truly made me sick. I'm sick of them not having any ideas except to say no and act as obstructionists to whatever President Obama and the Democrats suggest. They would rather run the country into the ground just to win some seats in Congress in 2010 than help in solving our problems. I heard recently that the republicans have a 26% approval rating, and that more and more people are not identifying themselves as republicans. They wholeheartedly endorsed the policies of their party and Bush over the last 8 years, and now want to distance themselves from the results wrought by that support. Cowards and hypocrites.

Patricia said...

I read it too, via somewhere or other. Not surprised, but I think they all need a visit from the Secret Service.

Fran said...

I can't even read such garbage. When someone does not have an intelligent, factual argument or point of perspective, they resort to name calling.

Even Bush's homeland security people went after a young middle school kid who was angry about the war and said of Bush (several years ago) she wished he was dead (unquote).... they actually showed up at her school and pulled her out of class to question her.

This was a kid who lived nowhere near D.C, and was just expressing her opinion. She did not elaborate on recruitment to actually do the deed....

So if this adult is spewing death threat kind of language, he deserves a visit from secret service.
Same thing "W" would have done.

I can't even listen to people who resort to just spewing hate & names & labels.

One more point- someone told me yesterday of a guy at her barbershop who was in a full blown rant about "socialism"--- they guy has been in disability & social security for years due to a work injury! His survival is based on socialism.
She actually wound up kicking him out of her barbershop because he was personally attacking & name calling other clients.