Saturday, March 28, 2009

President's Weekly Address

Here is the President's weekly address. Letting us know that even if he has a lot of things going on, he is still on top of things as they develop. Tuesday, he declared a Federal Emergency in ND, MN and SD so that funds and manpower were available for the people who are about to be overtaken by the rising waters of the Red and the Missouri River.

Hard to realize that we have a President who is "proactive" instead of "reactive" and then 5 days late at that. Hmm wonder if Pawlenty will turn down these Federal Dollars?? Bet he won't.. lol

But, anyway.. without further adieu, here is your President.

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Patricia said...

Looks like for the moment, the forecast is a teeny bit less dire for Fargo and Moorehead. I check the news about it every time I get on. I hope that improved forecast holds.