Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There is a case of competing ads I guess you could say... First there is the ad blitz that AFSCME and Americans United For Change are putting on Radio in support of the Recovery Plan. You can see that here:

Then there is the so called Ad that was sent out in return by a spokesperson for Rep. Eric Cantor, (R, VA) supposedly as a joke, I am really laughing snark heavily applied... THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK All I can say is stay classy Cantor, stay classy. I always have thought he was a sleaze.

Now he or his "representative" realizes what a HUGE mistake this was.

Under fire from big labor unions for pushing the labor goon video, GOP Rep Eric Cantor’s spokesperson, Brad Dayspring, sends over an apology and makes it clear that his boss had nothing to do with the whole thing:

“I would like to apologize for a joke that was in no way an official response from Congressman Cantor, but instead an inappropriate email. I apologize to AFSCME for my inappropriate email containing an old video. Let me be clear, we know people are hurting in these trying times and House Republicans completely agree that we must pass an economic recovery bill that preserves, protects and create jobs for Americans facing these economic challenges.”

Dayspring had originally said he intended the vid as a joke that had nothing to do with Cantor, and there were no indications that his boss had known anything about it. But joking about labor amid the economic crisis, at a time when the House GOP opposed the stim package en masse and President Obama is hammering Congress for action, was inevitably going to be depicted by the left as a sign that the GOP leadership is out of touch with the economic pain of ordinary people.

However is that enough??? Why was it even sent in the first place?? If this guy works for Cantor, isn't he aware of Cantor's stance on things, or shouldn't he be??
One side tale here that made this more untenable: It turns out Cantor has a history of condemning profanity.

Why would he do this knowing that about his boss?? If Cantor really has such a hard stance on profanity, why would this idiot send out such a profanity laced video??

This really makes no sense to me. I can't wait to see what happens to this guy. If Cantor really doesn't like it, will he fire him?? Will he publicly denounce it like he would expect a Democratic Congressperson to do??

Time will tell.. As I said.. Stay classy Eric... Stay Classy.

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Fran said...

that is one funny video!! AFSCME

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