Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Have a Great Gov. and So Does Kansas

I have a pretty good governor here in Missouri. Well, so far anyway. He hasn't been in office long, but so far so good.

When Pres. Obama signed the Recovery Bill, the site Recovery.gov went active. Now my governor has followed suit. He has started his own web site and it is called, Transform Missouri.

It is a new site dedicated to the Recovery Plan, to solicit ideas from residents, local governments, businesses and non-profits. Gov. Jay Nixon, (D,MO) said he hopes to gather as many ideas as possible from a wide range of sources.

People can submit general ideas or more detailed proposals, which require a proposed timeframe and an estimated number of new jobs.

Missouri is slated to receive about $4 billion from the stimulus package, though that amount does not include competitive grants the state might secure.

Nixon said the money will be used for education and job training, new technology and infrastructure.

At the same time that Gov. Nixon, launched his site, his counterpart in the state of Kansas released her site.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, (D,KS), and Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson said the site was created to help Kansans take advantage of the federal stimulus package.

From the site itself is this statement from Gov. Sebelius:

Fellow Kansans,

Welcome to Kansas’ web site for federal stimulus bill information, where we have brought together the most recent, comprehensive information on this important legislation.

This web site will help you learn more about the federal stimulus bill and the opportunities that it may provide you, your business and your community.

Here in Kansas we are working to maximize the resources needed to create jobs; provide assistance to families; build Kansas roads and bridges; and lower health care costs through modern technology. To learn more, please visit the federal stimulus bill highlights page. To visit President Obama’s webpage on the federal stimulus bill, please visit recovery.gov.

We hope you will check back often, as more information about the federal stimulus bill will be available each week.

This is why I love elections, as they say they have consequences. We had a no account republican governor for 4 years. His name was Matt Blunt.. yeah Blunt.. Roy Blunt's Baby Boy... That Roy Blunt.. the one who is in the House of Representatives. Who stepped aside so Classy Eric Cantor could step up.

Who stepped aside so he could position himself to run for Kit Bond's Senate seat when he retires after this term. No great loss as far as I am concerned. He is just another lying rethuglican. As is Roy Blunt.

These are the things we have to celebrate, these web sites being put up and being used by our governors and by our government to help us stay on top of this Recovery Plan, to keep it transparent and to keep it honest. This is how we can do it, by tracking it, by watching it, by voicing our opinions of how it is used and how it should not be used.

If all the governors will do this type of thing, we will have something we have not had in a long time, truly we will have, Government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.


Vast said...

I heard on the news this morning that Culver wants to do something like that for Iowa, but for some odd reason I don't understand yet it will supposedly take as much as two years for it to be implemented.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Gov. Crist (R) in Florida will also do something like this.
He has set up a website for uninsured Floridians to get health insurance.
He met with T. Boone Pickens to discuss renewable energy and he introduced Pres. Obama at a town hall supporting the stimulus package.
I think once the money starts getting allocated, we're bound to see some momentum.

lisahgolden said...

This is great info. Now I want to see what Georgia will do. We're very red, but hopefully our Gov. Sonny Perdue will be moderate enough to see the necessity of letting go of partisan nonsense and bad Republican ideals.

Anonymous said...

Perdue said in Sunday's ajc that he will not take the unemployment portion of the stim money. Michael Thurmond called him out on his faulty thinking today. I heard Thurman's sound-bite on NPR as I was returning home from work today.
Thurman, whose job it is to KNOW as he is Comm. of Labor, stated that Perdue should know that to reject the unemployment $ means an added burden on employers NOW, since they have to contribute to the unemployment payments. Perdue is posturing. It is getting close to March 1. Perdue has a $20million payment due on a loan he secured on behalf of his business. He worked a sweet deal on the loan b/c he only had to post 20% collateral to get the loan. I'm waiting to see how he's going to handle THIS. I don't think he cares what happens b/c he's a lame duck guv. Keep in mind that this is the same NUT who accused metro Atlantans of being whiners when there was a gas shortage last year, and they had to drive from town to town looking for gas. He went to Europe. Of course he wasn't concerned about them having gas because the gas pumps were always full and available to him at the Governor's Mansion. The voters here in GA keep putting these POSs in office, flim-flaming the poor with the help of rich POSs like Chambliss (I don't need to show up for the sugar refinery trial, even though I've been subpoenaed, b/c I'm a U.S. Senator and I have immunity, all the while campaigning all over the state with the help of turn-coat Zell Miller and Sarah (I'm the victim of the media) Palin. However this turns out for us in GA, one thing I can and will say to those folks who voted TWICE for this POS is, I told you so. In a way, I don't feel sorry for them at all because, after all, they certainly got what they paid for.