Saturday, February 7, 2009

Michael Steele and the GOP answer to the President

Now, in the name of fairness.. here is the GOP answer... I really want to say something else... but if I do it won't be nice.. so I am trying to restrain myself. I guess I will just post this and let you say what you will.


Mauigirl said...

He makes the GOP sound so reasonable, doesn't he?

This is the problem with the stimulus bill. It is complex and no doubt removing barriers to the fish (I'm assuming salmon, which would enhance their numbers, help salmon fishermen and salmon processing factories, etc.) would help create jobs. But when a Republican says it, it sounds stupid and ludicrous, and most ordinary Americans would think "Wow, that is a big waste!" Of course the other thing is the Republican doesn't care if every salmon dies as long as he gets his tax cut.

So there are two different philosophies at work here. President Obama wants to improve the country while creating jobs while the GOP couldn't care less, they just want money. Lord forbid we try to do some good with all this money we're spending (because, hello, tax cuts mean less money for the government, equals spending!).

Sigh. I begin to lose hope for ever getting this country back on track.

Fran said...

My bullshit-o-meter is in the red zone.
Let's let people keep tax money.
2008 taxes are still the Bush-o-nomic high plan.

"Republicans wold stand with the American taxpayer"

Yea right..... how's that been working out?

This guy reminds me of Mr. Rogers.

Hi Kids, I am the new black face of the republican party. I don't actually represent the average black person in America, and truth be told, there are not that many black republicans... besides Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, & myself.

I will talk to you in a condescending way. I will act like your friend, and represent the GOP as a reasonable and responsible party. Never mind the GOP party got us in this mess in the first place.

Walk the walk pal-- introduce a bill to lower taxes for the people, not the wealthy- nothing else attached.

I won't hold my breath.