Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jon Stewart Gives His Take on Pres. Obama and Gov. Jindal

I Love Jon Stewart.... He has such a good take on things.. This is his review of Pres. Obama's speech to the Joint Session of Congress and the World. Watch this and be prepared to laugh..

And after you watch his review of Pres. Obama.. you can watch his review of Gov. Bobby Jindal. But get ready.. it is a good one. Remember he is the "rising star of the republican party".

Now, you have seen the what they have to offer us. This is just priceless. Like I said, I LOVE JON STEWART.


Anonymous said...

This was absolutely hilarious. I couldn't believe the Jimmy Dean with baconnaise actually touched his mouth.

He is so Mr. Rogers. lol

Patricia said...

I hope the GOP keeps this up. It'll keep the Daily Show funny for another four years. I was getting worried about Jon Stewart. Obama can be very funny himself but he's not really very mockworthy. Plus, mocking him doesn't go over big with the typical Daily Show viewer.

Fran said...

Stewart is already getting in some jabs with the big O- cure for cancer in our time.... take it down a notch, we'll do well to just not totally tank with the bankruptcy!

The food product demo..... ewww.... more like an SNL sketch.

Good laughs!

D.K. Raed said...

I almost barfed just watching him dip that thing in the baconnaise!