Sunday, February 22, 2009

Glenn Beck Just Goes Farther Around the Bend

I am not an attorney, nor am I an expert on these things, but to me this is just unreal. Of course I am sure they get around it by saying it is a futuristic scenario, but then they start talking about raising the tax rate up to 90 or 95%. So to me they are sending a very mixed message.

Of course, Glenn Beck is about the wing nuttiest of all the wing nuts. But it looks like he found a couple of other to help him along. They are talking about a militia and military units attacking people here in the USA and overthrowing the Government.

Isn't that against the law?? Isn't that a plot against the President?? Am I just crazy?? See what you think.


Fran said...

They lost my attention with *FOX NEWS*.
They are calling the former guy in charge of finding bin Laden as a "credible guy"??


Vast said...

They really have gone off their rocker.

Anonymous said...

I actually read a piece during the last few months on alternet.og in which an author interviewed a commander of a unit in GA in which the author asked why there is a unit stationed at Ft. Stewart whose purpose, as authorized by Bush, is to activate in tmes of potential civil unrest. He wanted to know why this unit, which consists of soldiers who have served in Iraq, was necessary forthis purpose. He made the point that the Constitution prohibits the use of the U.S. military against Americans. The commander said that if they are ever used, their actions and the "weapons" they'd be allowed to use to control civil unrest would be limited. The author posited that BushCo took this action in the event that Obama did not win in November. It appears that the previous administration expected widespread, violent action if McCain won. The article validated the existence of these troops for just that purpose. It appears that BushCo had some intention of interfering in the the election which would have caused the election of another republican under less than honest circumstances, similiar to the 2000 results. I think they could not pull it off this time because millions were very vigilant and insisted that the election results actually reflected the will of the people. BushCo knew that the American people would not tolerate the hijinks of the 2000 election, and so were preparing for it had they been able to pull it off again. It is truly amazing the limits to which the republicans are willing to go to subvert the will of the people. Now, if they were questioned about the purpose of this unofficial standing army on American soil, they'd lie about it, of course. I'm no consiracy theorist, but this unit exists and was covered in the article. Few Americans know about it.