Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the President of the US of A

Here for your listening pleasure is our President giving us our wisdom for the day. I love listening to him. No, it is not the love like the right wing likes to make fun of, just I love listening to the voice of an intelligent man speaking who makes sense.. like I love listening to a good actor who has a great speaking voice.. like Sean Connery, or like I love listening to a good singer like Bruce Springsteen. That kind of love.. but anyway... here is the President.


lisahgolden said...

You know, he really does have that je ne sais quois about him. I know we' don't want to sound like total "fans", but there is just something about his style of speaking that makes me interested in what he has to say.

trishSWFL said...

I absolutely LOVE listening to the President speak, and really appreciate being able, at the click of my mouse, to listen again and again, anytime I want to!

Wish me luck tomorrow, as I try getting tickets for the Town Hall Tuesday in Ft Myers! It would be awesome, to actually BE there!