Friday, February 6, 2009

I call Foul on Tweety!!!!

Wonder why Pres. Obama has had trouble with the Recovery Bill?? With media like this helping, it is no wonder... Watch this clip if you haven't already seen it.. then look at the times that Chris Matthews tore into the bill, picking at it worse than the republicans have done.

Media Matters looks at how he talks about it and how much fun Tweety had with the it over the last couple of weeks.

Summary: Chris Matthews said that Republicans "got some of their blood thirst going here when they learned that they could score when John Boehner went after the condoms in the -- condoms in the -- in the House version" of the recovery bill, adding that "it was a lot of fun for the Republicans to say contraception shouldn't be one of the pieces of this stimulus package." But Matthews himself also repeatedly raised, criticized, and on at least one occasion misrepresented the section of the bill dealing with contraceptives on Hardball.

On at least 5 different times from January 23, until February 3, Chris has picked at the Recovery plan and made fun of it in different ways, and was worse than some of the republicans talking about it.

On February 2, Matthews said: "You know, when you buy a bag of candy, a bag of M&Ms, you know that everything in there is M&Ms. Just as an example, this stimulus package, nobody knows what's in there. It's not -- there's a little of this, a little of that, a little of this thing. We're finding out little things about Hollywood. We're finding out something about condoms."

He has allowed the republicans to just say whatever they want, he never questions them, he never challenges them. They lie, they say anything they want, quote any type of figures they feel like and cite any thing they pull out of thin air. I have heard some of the stupidest things, like tonight, Haley Barbour stated the unemployment provision (which I think is now gone) would change the laws in the state and give people unemployment whether they were looking for work or not... and he just let it stand... heck they do that now here... and I am sure they do that everywhere, but to say it was a condition of the recovery bill was just stupid and I couldn't believe it's just there with no challenge.

I am not sure what is going on, or why there is so much of this happening with Tweety. This was part of what he had to say this morning on the Joke's show..again from Media Matters:

MATTHEWS: I think he's failed as a communicator, John. And I think the -- it's such an irony for one of the great communicators since Reagan and Kennedy. If you -- if somebody came up to me and said, I want to sell you this car, and you couldn't see the wheels on the car, and you couldn't see the engine, you'd say, how does this thing work?

The trouble with the stimulus package is they keep calling it a stimulus package, but you can't see the stimulus. How does this work again? And he's never really explained how any big chunk of this thing is going to get the economy moving again. He's got to say, this part of it's going to get this thing going. This part is going to get that thing going. The tax cuts are going to get consumers buying stuff; the stores are going to be filled again. People are going to buy cars again, blah blah blah; this other part is going to have cops put on the street again, so they'll be safe shopping again, and neighborhoods will not empty out again.

I think he's got to explain why each big chunk of this will get the economy moving again, and admit honestly that some of it is just relief; it is not recovery or reconstruction. Some of it is simply paying off people with real problems, like unemployment extension and health care for the unemployed. He ought to just say, this part is relief.

As you can see, this isn't a one time happening.. it is more than once, and it is developing into a habit. I don't know if it would do any good but there is an email address from Media Matters for Hardball. We can try to send him an email and let him know we aren't very happy with him. I know I am not happy with him. So, if you want, there is the address, send away...I am ..

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