Monday, February 2, 2009

Remember it's GOOD to be BAD or BAD to be GOOD one or the other

Ok... I have my list of B A D things for

The 1st one is for Show Me Progress... It is a Diary Type Blog, one of the entries today is one close to my heart...Another Last Minute Screw you from the Bushies

Number 2... My 2 Buck$ Just a good funny all around blog.

# 3..... Two Can Pete This one gives you a little bit of

On to 4... The Pajama Pundit PJ describes himself as Liberal, Conservative Pajamas.. His trusty blue sweatshirt and a cup of coffee...There are a couple of Conservatives who post there, a Libertarian, and a couple of Liberals.. good mix..

Then for # 5 ... Wizbangblue This is another great one, I think. Just a good all around progressive blog.

I hope you enjoy each of these. I enjoy reading them. Some more than others, I may not always agree with everything but that's what makes things interesting and keeps us going. As always, diverse and different.. read em and weep all....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout Annette! Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!