Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My terribly good BAD list for the day!!

Here is my Terribly good B A D list for the day....lol

First but not necessarily best... JaWillie is a frequent commenter at another blog I visit.. always insightful and always righteous.

Second in the list again in no particular order... Vast Variety He is from Iowa, and posts on the Pajama Pundits website also. Vast has a little more unique perspective and always has a little bit of something to say...lol

Third.. this is a new discovery and is one I have to say I spent a lot of time at this morning after finding it... Viva Rachel Maddow I don't think I have to say anything else... the title says it all...lol

Forth...this is one I have a tendency to forget sometimes to visit as often as I should. Shame on me...UncommonSense Notes and Observations on the Post Satirical Age

Fifth...Now this one.. if you like to eat.. and name me a person who doesn't.. this one is right up your alley... Life's a feast is by a lady in Nantes, France who writes about recipes and food and a little bit of everything. I have tried some of them and they are very good.

Ok... there is my TERRIBLY GOOD B A D list for the day!!!! I hope you enjoy.. Once again it is different... DIVERSE as I have been every day...

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