Monday, February 2, 2009

More Bush Fallout Crimes and MissDemeanors

I think I found part of the problem with why science was so in troubled during the Bush Administration. It seems the people in the National Science Foundation were surfing.... no not on the oceans where they might be doing some actual research ... they were surfing the web... for PORN!!!!

The foundation is the major source of federal backing in fields such as mathematics, computer science and social sciences.

According to the report, one senior staff member spent as much as 20 percent of his time during a two-year period at lurid sites and in sexually explicit chat rooms. That time cost taxpayers more than $40,000, the report stated.
Other employees were also alleged to have watched, downloaded and e-mailed porn.

It seems Sen. Charles Grassley, (R,IA) did some checking and in his position as the ranking GOP member of the Senate Finance Committee, discovered that huge amounts of time was being spent by most of these employees researching porn instead of doing their jobs. He has asked that any stimulus money be withheld until all investigations are done and all his questions are answered.

Well, yeah, that would certainly make sense to me. Why would we want to give them more money?? So they could buy new computers to get bigger monitors to see things better, or bigger processors so they could download bigger files faster. Makes sense to me. Why not just fire the lot of them and hire some people who will do their darn jobs instead of looking at porn and getting some real smart people in there.

I don't know how much they are being paid, but one quote from this story said it cost $40,000 for this one person, well take it out of his pay check damn it. If it cost that much in phone sex fees, then let the jerk pay for them.

Agency spokesman Jeff Nesbit said the foundation takes the report and Grassley's inquiry seriously. He said the foundation is cooperating and has already taken steps to address the inspector general's report.

It looks like at least 3 have been fired, and some others have been disciplined, but is that enough?? We don't know. There will have to be more investigation.

Hey, wonder if they were close to the Interior Department?? Maybe they were sharing ideas?? Maybe the guys at the NSF were downloading pictures and sharing them with the Interior and making suggestions..or maybe they were filming the Interior and uploading it from the NSF..

Geeze, will the fallout from the Bush Admin. ever stop??

There was also a blurb over the weekend about a CIA Station Chief who drugged and raped 2 Muslim women in Algeria. What next??

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