Monday, February 23, 2009

Our President has a Sense of Humor

Our President is so funny sometimes....I think this is the direct

"I will keep reaching out... One of these days even Eric Cantor will say that Obama has a good idea."

Just wanted to put this out there... I thought it was so funny.


lisahgolden said...

I think it might be funny, if once, when he reaches out, he delivers a good hard smack to some of those idiotic Republicans.

You know, just to get their respect. They only respect force and might, after all.

Patricia said...

LOL, Lisa. First you have to get their attention.

He is pretty witty. I like his dry wit.

NEWSGUY said...

Thanks, Annette for the comment over at my blog. I just worry so much about the Republicans under fire and trying their best to defend themselves, poor souls. It is just such a shame to see them hiding in a corner and spouting such weak nonsense. If only Obama would give them a chance to rally and recover. THey're good for laughs if nothing else.

I am leaving my comment here because I can't comment on my own blog. Technical problem.