Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It is Time To Go Green

It is time we all started thinking about this. We need to start living green instead of just talking about it. Time did a top blog list and one of the blogs they listed was called Got2beGreen and it has all kinds of tips.

It is full of tips and hints and suggestions for living green, shopping green and just going green. There is every category you can imagine on there and it should help anyone figure out what they need to do.

It even has tax help, to show us what breaks we get from the new Recovery Bill now that we have it signed into law and can take advantage of it in the weatherization of our homes.

You may have to dig a little to find what you are looking for but I think you will find just about anything you might want. There is even a listing by state of resources available for you and events you can attend to help you get involved or learn more.

As I said it is quite comprehensive. Take a look and lets get our country headed in the right direction. It's time to GO GREEN.

1 comment:

lisahgolden said...

Very cool. Thank you for the tip. I try, but we have so far to go to really get green.