Saturday, February 14, 2009

MUST SEE on HBO, Starting FEB 21, Taking Chance

It is called Taking Chanceand it is the story of one Marine's journey "home" from the entry point at Dover, Delaware to his final resting place in the cemetary near his home town.

It is also the story of Lt. Col. Mike Strobl who saw Chance's name on the DOD's list and decided he had to Take Chance home. They came from the same small town, yet didn't know each other. It was not normally the job of an officer to be the escort of an enlisted man but something about this brought these two together.

I can't get the trailer for this movie to embed properly to see how the people react. This is a true story and this is what the Bush administration has kept us from seeing. This is the true cost of the war. But this is also the honor that is bestowed on our fallen heroes. For some reason none of the videos from HBO are embedding. So you will have to go to the web site to see them. I am sorry, but it is worth the visit.

I wish this was on more than just HBO.. I think it should be on regular broadcast TeeVee so everyone could see it. If you would like to see more clips, an interview with the real Lt. Col. Mike Strobl and see more behind the scenes you can check it out here at HBO: Taking Chance.

The honor that is given to a fallen Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Veteran is truly a moving experience. The beauty of it can't be described. The sound of Taps, the 21 gun salute, the folding of the flag. All done with precise movements, show a respect, an honor specially reserved for these fallen heroes.

But the fact that from the moment they fall, that once they return they are never alone is something that most people never know. They have an escort with them every moment of every day and every night. Ever vigilant.


Fran said...

I think Taps is hauntingly beautiful.
But I find the 21 gun salute- disturbing.
For someone who lost their life in a war, the last thing I would want to hear is gunshot firing.
I remember they did that at Reagan's funeral & it kind was jarring & upsetting.

That's just me.

Sounds like a powerful film. I agree- I wish they would have more public broadcasting of high quality must see things.

trishSWFL said...

Annette, thanks for the heads up on this. I'm marking my calendar so I'll remember to watch.

That really should be on regular TV, not just on a premium channel like HBO. If not for sharing a house and expenses with two of my grown kids, I wouldn't even have HBO, and I know there are countless others who do not have such luxuries as cable TV.

Patricia said...

I've been seeing Kevin Bacon and the actual person he portrays on TV promoting this. I agree, trish, it sounds like something that everyone should be able to see. Maybe it will, eventually.

NEWSGUY said...

I'll be looking for it.

I'm a vet. U.S. Regular Army. I still remember my serial number. It was a long time ago. And it was in peacetime Korea.

I was lucky not to go to Vietnam. I volunteered for it in 1961 because Korea was so damn cold and I heard Vietnam was warm, but they told me I'd have to re-up. I said no thanks and endured the cold. And most likely lived to tell the tale.

I have nothing but contempt for chickenhawks like Bush and Cheney and Rumsfield.