Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Blog on the Depression of 2009

There is a new blog in our world. A very worthy one that is documenting our struggles, our stories, our lives. Enigma from WatergateSummer has started a new one called Depression 2009 located here.

This will be a place for us to tell our stories of being out of work, struggling for food, for our homes. Of fighting the bureaucracy to get things done. Just to make it through this difficult time.

We are hurting, and we need a place to record all this. We have to have a place that shows the world what we are going through, that keeps track of everything, where we can let everything we keep bottled up inside come out.

So, go check it out. If you have stories to tell either send Enigma an email or put it in comments, she will help your voices be heard. We need to make sure the stories get out there, maybe someone will finally listen to us all.


themom said...

thx for dropping by. I fall into the cracks as far as the Chantix goes. A friend in Boston suggested it over a year ago, but I have no Rx coverage and it is too expensive for me. One friend also had bad side effects, i.e, depression, panic attacks - and had to discontinue. It is still a consideration - if I hit the lottery. Thanks again. I am adding you to my blogroll if that is OK!

Fran said...

So much of what has transpired in the current economic meltdown, we have come to view as "the norm", uninsured people struggling w healthcare costs, or as the movie SICKO pointed out, even people WITH insurance are struggling with co pays, or fighting insurance companies to get them to pay. That is the tip of the iceberg - I do fear as so many job fall off, the spiral of business and bank failures will fall, like so many dominoes. Not trying to be all doom & gloom, but this is a historic thing happening & we are living it

We should not have children without healthcare, or living in tent cities, or bankers living the high life while people lose their homes.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks for promoting Enignma's new blog. I've linked it too - will have to point it out to folks as well.

Annette said...

No, Fran we shouldn't.. and we shouldn't have assholes in congress blocking bills that will help the people that will need it the most. Just so they can try to win back the house and senate in 2 years.. cause that is all they are doing.

Maui...that is what we all do.. it is worthwhile..we have to do something with this.