Friday, February 20, 2009

Morning Joke gets Put in his Place...AGAIN!!!

Morning Joke has been trying to quote Alice Rivlin, who was former Pres. Bill Clinton's Congressional Budget Office Director, in saying that the Recovery Bill that Pres. Obama has passed will not work and is just a "heaping pile of garbage".

He has stated over and over that she has stated it would not work. Well, yesterday morning he invited her on to talk to him and just before he introduce her, they showed all the short clips of him saying, her name over and over and how he thought she and he agreed.

Now of course we have to remember that Morning Joke is a former Congressman and he resigned from office and got a divorce from his first wife because of a scandal. Between the women he was having affairs with and then the dead woman they found in his office that was never explained that pretty well ended his first marriage.

But, that's another story. This is about his lies and the fact that Alice Rivlin did NOT back him up this morning. He was almost silent. He kept trying to get her to agree with him, and asked her in different ways if he wasn't right about putting $300 billion here and there and she just put him down in different ways.

Watch and see.. it was a thing of beauty.

I love watching him squirm.... AGAIN


Vast said...


enigma4ever said...

ph please let this be a daily thing....I could get hooked on....

Patricia said...

I have a close friend whose neice is working at MSNBC. She says that Chris Matthews is a warm, kind and thoughtful person.She's only some sort of assistant but when you get sick he sends flowers and all that sort of thing. Keith is nice but doesn't quite have the people skills some of the others, Rachel Maddow is wonderful and she adores her, and Morning Joke is even more of a dick in person than he is on TV. And that's my one and only inside media scoop. :)

D.K. Raed said...

Wow! Thanks for this. I missed it because I never watch Morning Schmoe! Rivlin was wonderful. And didja catch the looks Buchanan was giving her? Whew, like she was collapsing his whole reagan-loving worldview right in front of him! I loved that she pointed out critics of the New Deal were NOT there in the 1930's.