Saturday, February 14, 2009

President Obama Wants to Wish You a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I always feel better after listening to our President. I am not sure why but I do. I really didn't have a very good day yesterday. But after hearing him this morning I do feel some better, he always gives me hope and strength and yes courage to go on.

Maybe it is just me being silly, and living in a jaded little fantasy world, but that's how I feel. Listening to him the other night in Springfield, he had just had two blows dealt to him one right after another, yet he still got up and laughed, and gave one of the best speeches I think I have heard from him in a long time.

That's what makes him such a great man. Out of defeat, out of the lowest depths, he rises up and grabs the highest. When the Rev. Wright mess was going around. He reached down and lifted himself up to the highest.

That's what I think he is doing with our Country. We have really gotten pretty low, our standing around the world, our moral, our economy, even sometimes how we feel about our selves. Just look at how the House and the Senate voted on this Recovery Bill. The Republicans lining up against the Democrats, it is almost as bad as the North against the South all over again.

Yet, he still reaches out. Even though there are some in the Democratic Party who keep saying stop. Even though there are some people who say Pres. Obama is unrealistic to expect the Republicans to reach back to him.

As he said the other day, he is optimistic. Well so am I. At least I try to be, and so far he has lived up to my expectations. Ok.. enough of my rambling on and on.. Let's hear what he has to say...

Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the United States:


Patricia said...

President Obama is a kind of an antidepressant, isn't he? A real, full service president. Just the fact that he's someone you can actually want to watch and hear speak is such a delightful change. And the way he can speak English so fluently, too. I guess even hitting rock bottom has its upside. We're appreciating things we once thought we should take for granted in the leader of this nation.

Vast said...

Even though I support the stimulus bill I still have reservations about it. Not enough infrastructure and too much in tax cuts. The bill doesn't target the root cause of the problem. The housing crash.

With that said, I'm glad it was passed.