Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Best Commentary To Jindal's Speech

Here is the best commentary to Jindal's Speech I could ever find. No other words need to be said.


Anonymous said...

McCain, Palin, Jindal, Steele, Vitter, Kane = the new leaders of the GOP; all are not just failures but abysmal failures. Not one of the current republican talking heads has one useful, workable idea for solving any of the problems America is dealing with today. They have all received the same email in which they have been instructed to continue touting small government, tax cuts, non-existent fiscal responsibility, no abortions under any circumstances, no rights for gays (at all), etc, blah, blah, blah. The amazing thing about all of them is that they share a collective mindset that encourages them to stick to their conservative values and beliefs, even though most Americans have soundly rejected them. When I think of them I tend to think of them as being HOOKED ON STUPID. One of my favrite sayings is ignoranc is a disease. It rots the mind and prevents independent/creative thinking. IMHO, this describes the republican "leaders.

Anonymous said...

I wish he would have entered the room and put on his sports coat and then began his speech. He reminded me very much of the great Fred Rogers and he should have played that up.