Monday, February 23, 2009

Pres. Obama Speaks to Start the Fiscal Summit

Today the President gave the details for his Fiscal Summit. He charged the members with the job of setting goals and giving ideas for clearing junk from the budget. The group included members of the Congress, both Republicans and Democrats and then members of the business community. There are also economists who are helping them set guidelines.

Pres. Obama vowed to be honest with the budget and not use the Voodoo budgets that we have used the last 8 years to hide things Bush didn't want us to see. Things like the cost of the Iraq war, disasters and other things that were never part of the budget.

Watch and see what he has to say as he sets them off, to start into their groups to get started. I will never understand why the media says he isn't clear or has no details, or why the republicans say that. I think they are still suffering from Bush fatigue. They just aren't used to someone treating us like adults and speaking English instead of the gibberish we used to get from the former occupant of the White House, who couldn't put a clear sentence together to save his life.

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