Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pres. Obama Adresses the Congress of the United States, The Nation and the World

Here is the Speech from the President to the Joint Congress of the United States, the Nation and the World. It was an awesome speech, and all I can say is WOW.

MSNBC had 25 people who voted for McCain and 25 who voted for him in the election and they had dialer's to register how they felt about his speech. They stayed almost on top of each other all the way through and remained at the very top of the meter all the time. I would say it never dropped below 90 to 95% ever. But, here is the speech.. You see what you think of it.

I am not going to post the response from Bobby Jindal. It is nothing but lies and stupidity. And it made no sense whatsoever compared to Pres. Obama.


Patricia said...

I expected a good speech, but this one exceeded those expectations. Home run for sure. Jindal's speech was pretty much what I expected, but I didn't realize he was so bad at public speaking.

Tango daddy said...

That speech was what the world was waiting for, never in the last eight years has anyone heard that kind of an honest rhetoric. I was moved and inspired !

Vast said...

I watched it on MSNBC and they had a voter panel of McCain and Obama voters. Even the line for the McCain voters seemed to stay above the + sign on the chart.