Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amazing Mash-up Video from a Right Wingers

This was on a supposedly Right Wingers MySpace Page..Warning it is a live page, why they haven't taken it down I don't know.. but the link is still working. There are some different things on there... lol To say the least. I didn't see anything really offensive.

I found it funny, he was arrested just before TeaBaggers Day in Oklahoma City, for planning to kill himself and several others.

It was pointed out at Crooks & Liars on their "blog round up" they linked to and they were talking about how he had all this hate Obama stuff on his page. I really didn't see that much against Pres. Obama, it was more against Bush. So, I was scrolling down through the vids and I found this The title is "How to create an angry American". I would say that's

It really shows how we were lied to, pandered to, and manipulated over the years of the Bush fiasco. Why did Congress allow this to just keep going on. Why were the Republicans so stupid they couldn't stand up to him as some of the Democratic Party does now to Pres. Obama?

But they didn't. They blindly followed along with everything Bush did and wanted to do all along and for the 8 years, no matter what it was. Now, Pres. Obama comes along and has to fight them because still they are lock step, but against everything he wants to do to fix our country, and our own Democratic Party is fighting and questioning him too.

But that is ok, that is why we have separation of powers, that's why we have Congress and a President. They are supposed to question each other. But for the Republicans to vote against everything just to say NO to Pres. Obama just because they think that's the way to win back Congress and eventually the White House, I think they are fooling themselves.

So, what do you think? Let me hear from you.


Broadway Carl said...

Great video.

We all know that it would be political suicide for President Obama to openly call for the investigation of the previous administration. Luckily, he is not Atorney General. The investigation falls into the hands of Eric Holder. Congress also needs to look into these matters.

If there are guilty parties from either side, then they should be held accountable.

themom said...

In my humble opinion, I believe that Obama, by laying any possible charges in Eric Holder's lap - made a great decision. The Attorney General is the right place to start.

enigma4ever said...

you know how I feel on this...

NOW about this video-
you always find the most amazing