Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jon Stewart Nails it Again.. WOW

Jon Stewart is on the money. Why can't our other media people see this and call out these jerks? The idiots on Fox News, Hannity, Beck, and all the rest. Lush Rimjob, as some call him and all the rest with their idiocracy just spew garbage and Michele Bachmann with her re-education camps, yet no one really calls FOUL!!!!

Except Jon Stewart. He steps in and says Hey! This is Bull Shit, Wake Up People!!

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1 comment:

Vast said...

I find it hard to actually defend Glen Beck but he did recently have a guest on from popular mechanics and debunked the FEMA concentration camps myth.

Of course that was after he promoted the myth.

Kind of like Palin being against the bridge to no where after she was for it.