Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blistering Piece About Palin and Her Chances for 2010 & 2012

This is a blistering review of Sarah Palin and her chances in getting re-elected next year or elected as President in 2012. Andrew Halcro has long been a critic of Palin's, but this time he really takes her on personally and in a way I have never seen before. It is just known as Andrew Halcro.com

He says he is retiring from his blog and from the radio show he does in Alaska, so maybe he wants to go out with a bang. He will be missed greatly. Here is part of what he has to say:

Polls have consistently showed that while Palin is popular among the Republican base, she has high negatives with everyone else. History shows that the race for President can't be won by appealing solely to the GOP base. Palin will need to attract independents as well as moderate Republicans; the same voters she chased away in 2008.

And unlike running for VP, Palin won't have the luxury of being shielded from the media and only having to prep for one debate.

The primary race will be grueling and the debates will be endless. With the Iowa caucus scheduled for the first week in January 2012, that doesn't leave Palin much time to get schooled. And since returning from the 2008 Presidential campaign trail, Palin has done little to improve herself or her image.

Last month I sat down with a former MSNBC reporter, Matt Berger, who is now writing a book on Palin's Vice Presidential campaign. Over coffee at a local Starbucks, he said that after the November election he sought the counsel of one of the GOP's top strategist.

"What does Sarah Palin have to do to be viable in 2012," he asked.

The consultant listed off three things: Return to Alaska and keep her head down. Show she can lead by bringing people together and scoring some policy wins. Educate herself on the issues to prove the media's portrayal of her was untrue.

Unfortunately for Palin, she has managed to accomplish none of the above.

Since her return in November, Palin has been in self destruct mode. While alternating between public pissing matches and public relation nightmares, Palin has done little more than reinforce skeptics claims that she lacks intelligence and diplomacy.

She picked fights with the media, where after saying she loved the media, wished she had more interaction with them and was completely prepped for the Couric interview to her interview two months later with the conservative version of Michael Moore, John Ziegler, where she chastised the media and said she pleaded with the McCain camp not to make her answer the bell and go a second round with Couric.

She picked fights with lawmakers during this years legislative session where her startling lack of leadership drew heated criticism from members of her own political party. The sordid affair culminated in Palin becoming the first governor in Alaska history to have her Attorney General nominee rejected.

She even picked fights with her own family members. In September when news broke about her pregnant teenage daughter, Palin paraded the father on stage to reinforce her family values to the nation while using the two as roll models for teen pregnancy. Seven months later, Palin was in the press calling the father a liar and saying her daughter made a mistake by hooking up with him.

In return, Palin can look forward to an inevitable tell all book penned by the young Mr. Levi Johnston about his relationship with the Palin's and all of the assorted details in order to monetize his fifteen minutes of fame.

However, regardless of Palin's challenges on the national stage, they pale in comparison to what she faces if she sticks around for another term as Alaska's Governor.

There is much more, and he really goes in depth as to what is wrong and what she faces in her up hill battle to try to get re-elected or try to run for President. It really is something to read and I think you might like it. I have read Andrew's blog since about the time Sarah was announced. He was one of the people who let me know exactly what she was.

He was also there when she debated VP Joe Biden and offered in depth analysis and stated she wasn't ready for prime time. Andrew has taken her on head to head and he was instrumental in exposing the "Troopergate" scandal.

Yes, Andrew was the blogger Walt Monegan went to and Andrew and Walt helped expose Sarah for what she really was and is. This piece is more of the same. It should be read and kept to help us all in a couple of years just in case she does decide to try to run for president.

I, for one, would be ready to leave this country if McCain had gotten elected and Palin was VP now. I think there would be lots of others who might feel the same way. It is a scary thought that this woman would be that close to the White House.

We have to make sure she doesn't get there EVER!


themom said...

I'm sure you have read the newest "ethics" violation filed against Palin yesterday. That makes 13 total. This complaint is stating that the "legal defense fund" is ethical illegal. If you read the Alaska law as stated - that is true. As if I'm bleeding over her problems...NOT!!

enigma4ever said...

I hope you went over and nagged gryphen about this post....excellent post...ahhhhh another bad day in Sarah Land ...LOL..

( btw CNN has been running the Levi interview with Larry King over and over this week- must be driving SaraPee nutz....)

majii said...

Palin doesn't take advice very well at all. She should be studying history, economics, national and international politics and even seriously consider enrolling in a good graduate school with a decent history department. She should attend to the business of Alaska and stay off the "after campaign" campaign trail, distance herself from the extremists in the GOP, and follow the rule of law. Then she may have a chance to move on to a national position. The irony of the entire situation is that Palin is incapable of working too hard at anything, so she goes blithely on, charging forward, and damn the consequences of her fallout should a calamity be the result of her "not ready for primetime status."
BTW, this is a great post, and I've also been following Andrew Halcro's blog for quite some time now.

Jen said...

She reminds me of the kids in school, who would never attempt to do homework, just bullshit through assignments. They were pretty good at it, but I noticed at my 10 year reunion, that they haven't amounted to much.

K. said...

Great analysis by Halcro, although I doubt that Palin is hip enough to listen to The Clash.