Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OHHHHH The Stupid It HURTS!!!!

MN Rep. Michelle Bachmann is at it again... Showing how really stupid she is. Either that or she is showing what a good soldier she is for what's left of the GOP.

Either way it is terrible. In an interview with PJTV she made a really idiotic statement today. Watch the video and we will talk after:

In 1976 the last time there were any cases of Swine Flu reported, the president at the time was a Republican named Gerald Ford, not a Democrat. The president she was talking about was Jimmy Carter.

Those cases of flu she was speaking of, were all located at Ft. Dix and were very localized.

Here is some information about that older outbreak:

"Human outbreaks of swine flu – an illness caused by types of viruses that are typically endemic to pigs (hence the name) – can occur, but are typically rare. The last time there was major public concern over swine flu in the United States was in 1976, when a soldier at Fort Dix died and millions of Americans were immunized as a precaution."

Things from Ms Bachmann have gotten so bad, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has set up a web site to watch her and keep track of her many fun things she does and says.. You can find it by going here, and you will see her greatest hits.

It's good to keep track of Michelle. She is a never ending font of knowledge and laughs. Of course most of the knowledge is false and wrong, but we can't let facts get in the way of a good story, now can we? Certainly not if we are a Republican or Michelle Bachmann for sure.

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Patricia said...

She's a complete idiot. She's dumber than Palin. And by the way, I have to go read the article you linked in the post below. You're keeping me up late, Annette. :)