Saturday, April 11, 2009

Glenn Beck has not just jumped the Shark.. He Jumped the Ocean!!!

I really think Beck went too far this time. He has gone overboard before, but this time he really takes it a step beyond. He is using Thomas Payne to make his case. Yeah, the Thomas Payne of the 1700's, who he is now claiming as his relative.

He is also linking Pearl Harbor, 9-11, the passing of the Recovery Bill and the "Tea Party" next week to a call to arms to "take back the country". How are they linked?? The only linking of Pearl Harbor and 9-11 that I know of is they are the times that we were attacked.

So, now he is saying that Congress passing and Pres. Obama signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is the same as an attack on our country in the vein of 9-11 and Pearl Harbor??

That is just over the line Beck.. WAY OVER THE LINE!!!

But listen for yourself.. Crooks & Liars has it up and Media Matters has it.. Here is the Video too.


willis said...

Its getting so I can't even stand to watch an entire video of this idiot. Gads, the stupidity!

majii said...

A few quetions for "Paine," Beck and the "teabaggers:"

1. How much is this "Paine" character getting paid for this fake rant?

2. Do the supporters of this movement know what teabagging refers to?

3. What are they really protesting?

4. Do they realize that the people they voted for in their states/districts are their lawfully elected representatives?

5. What's in this for Beck besides more ratings, notoriety and derision from non-wingnuts?

6. In what reality are members of Congress living in to ignore the will of millions and millions of Americans who support President Obama's economic policies so far, that they would use "teabagging" to publically oppose his policies for political gain, ignoring the will of the American people?

IMHO, I do not believe any one of them could give credible responses to my questions. Therefore, I conclude that this is all to do about NOTHING. They seem to have forgotten that they lost handily in November, and instead of spending their time trying to help us out of this economic pothole, they're out protesting things that many of them do not understand. I believe it was Ed Schultz on the Ed Show that stated it best when he said that the protesters are protesting for the one percenters to continue living large while the protestors continue to live in near poverty. Don't these people realize that the average American's income has been stagnant for the last 30 years while the one percenters' incomes have soared to stratospheric heights?

Another example of a failed wingnut strategy: priceless.

This blog: super priceless.


Annette said...

Thank you Majii.. I appreciate your kind words.. I just try to let everyone know what is going on.

These people scare me, they truly do. Some of the people they are inciting are such low information people and they believe every word he speaks. He is basically been telling them to arm themselves with guns and become violent. That is just wrong. I don't know when the other media people are going to start calling them out on this stuff. Ed, Rachel and Keith are the only ones who even say a word about it as far as I know.

D.K. Raed said...

And here's a bit of minutae for the genealogically-impaired Beck (strange, because him being a mormon and all, you'd think he'd at least get his ancestry correct). Tom Paine cannot possibly be his great-great grandfather as he states at the beginning of his segment. Even if Paine waited until he was 50-yrs old to have the Beck spawn in question, and every succeeding generation waited until they were 50-yrs old to have his direct ancestor, he is still missing 70+yrs.

A few seconds after Beck says Paine is his great-great grandfather, he then claims he was his gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr (I lost count of how many greats he threw in)! Tom Paine would roll over in his grave if he knew the liberty-and-freedom-killing likes of Beck was his progeny (if it's even true ... I suspect somewhere along the way, one of Paine's progeny felt sorry for & had a fling with the local village idiot, hence the Beck line is not stained with the blood of patriots, it is polluted with the ravings of mad men).

And BTW, the real "Don't Tread on Me" flag features a big coiled snake with its tongue out (in the vid it's so dark, you can't see the snake). Well! that is an image straight out of Satan in the Garden of Eden that I don't think Beck intended!

Beck is a dangerously deluded idiot who doesn't even bother to fact-check his own mouth or video images, and sadly his followers, like so many americans, own guns ... a thought that keeps me up at night!

Distributorcap said...

i cannot watch beck --- ever since his move to Faux, he has become a media whore of the nth degree -- and his rants live on the edge of "legality" -- is this man actually screaming fire in a crowded movie theatre

he is.

you do not want to know what i think should happen to beck

and it aint teabagging